Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy 11th Anniversary

On Friday night we went out to The Wine Cellar for dinner and then saw the movie Elysium.

The traditional gift for the 11th wedding anniversary was steel.  I got N some stainless steel chopsticks:

And a stainless steel insulated carafe for his coffee:

I told N I would just love a card by Sunday (our actual anniversary).  When he ran out to the store he also picked me up a little something... wrapped here in aluminum foil:

 Look, it's steel and a steal:

Past anniversary gifts:

1st - Traditional Paper, Gift certificate to Watercourse Way
2nd - Traditional Cotton (robe) and Modern China (coffee mug)
3rd - Traditional Leather (Magazine rack) and Modern Glass (wine glasses)
4th - Traditional Fruit and Modern Appliances (camping ice cream maker to go with fruit)
5th - Traditional Wood (new bedroom set was agreed to, took me five and a half years to actually get)
6th - Traditional Iron (cast iron kitchen utensil holder) and Modern Sugar (filled holder with N's favorite candy)
7th - Traditional Copper and Modern Desk Sets ??? (yeah, we went out to dinner)
8th - Traditional Bronze (new leather wallet with bronze accent button, yes a stretch)
9th - Traditional Pottery and Modern Leather (another WTF year so we just went out for a nice dinner)
10th - Does it matter?  We went to Kauai!

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