Sunday, August 4, 2013

Waiting for Aunt Tracey

Unfortunately the stomach bug that took us all down also coincided with the weekend Aunt Tracey was in town.  The original plan was to join her in Capitola on Friday before she headed off to Big Sur for a camping weekend.  However, Friday was the day I woke up with the bug so that was out.  When I called my mom to let her know we would not be joining her Molly realized about halfway through the conversation I was also speaking for her.  She quickly interrupts me with a "Wait... wait... wait... We can put my five point harness in Grandpa's car and they can drive me."  I love how quickly she came up with a solution so she wouldn't miss out on a beach day, but I couldn't chance exposing my mom to whatever bug this was.  Luckily Aunt Tracey was able to stop by on Sunday before catching her flight home.  The pic above is Molly camped out at the window waiting for Aunt Tracey to arrive.

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