Wednesday, January 30, 2008

another check up

Monday night I noticed that Molly had starting to pull on her left ear. This is usually a sign of an ear infection so I called the doc yesterday on our way home from SB and scheduled an appointment for this morning to get everything checked out. She does not have an ear infection. Her ears are bugging her because her Eustachian tubes (and throat) are inflamed as a result of the post nasal drip. We're heading back next week just to make sure it doesn't develop into anything more. Molly and I were supposed to get together tonight with some other moms and their little ones, but the doc said it would be a good idea to keep her away from other little ones so they don't catch whatever bug it is that she's fighting. She's currently having her second nap of the day which is a clear sign that she's fighting something. Usually she just has a catnap of 20 minutes or so after a big feed. Her first nap was about an hour and a half and she's already a half an hour into this one. Just like mommy... sleeping it off.

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