Thursday, January 10, 2008

muay thai

I went back to Muay Thai this week. Definitely tired, but not too sore. My right wrist has bothered me since my last trimester. I think I tweaked it at night because I would put all my weight on it so I could turn over. I had to lift myself up and over since I was so damn big. Ever since then it has sorta clicked and sometimes that clicking is really painful. Anyway, I bought wraps for my wrists and new weighted gloves that go higher up on my arm for more support.

On Monday night little miss Molly decided to have a complete meltdown the entire time I was gone. She would not take the bottle and could only be consoled with the boob once I got home. She was also really fussy Tuesday night (teething) and we didn't get her down until really late. Last night she was a lot better. She took a bottle and we gave her bath after I got home. I was able to get her down at a decent time and get myself into bed. Even though she has been teething (which tends to bother her the most at night) and staying up late she was still sleeping 9-10 hours. So, it's been a little harder to get her down, but she's staying down so that's great. If only my boobs could last as long.

I also picked up a Baby Bjorn carrier Monday after class. Molly LOVES it. It allows her to be up straight and facing out (her favorite position). A lot easier to carry her in the Bjorn than to hold her. I ordered a fleece cover blanket that snaps into place for when we're up in Tahoe. Should be nice to take her out on walks with the dogs this way... once the rain lets up of course. Our princess Sadie does not do rain.

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