Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home sweet home

We drove back from Tahoe today. We were actually on the road by 9:45 am, can you believe that? One helluva storm is on its way through and we wanted to avoid the predicted blizzard like conditions. Hit some rain as we got back near the bay area, but other than that the roads were clear. They are predicting a couple of *feet* of new snow on Saturday alone. Would have loved to stay for some fresh white powder, but we couldn't stay up at the cabin forever. Taz & Darwin's owners get back tonight. Hopefully the next time we head up there will be some nice new snow to play in. The snow we had was pretty hard packed and icy.

Molly's teething tends to bother her the most at night. She also tends to cluster feed at night so I've been a little worried about becoming a chew toy. So far so good. I just make sure she is hungry and not just sore before letting her anywhere near the boob. She is getting better and better at sitting up and staying up on her own. Haven't had the runaway head in a while, but she still tends to bob and weave like a drunken sailor. She is also getting better at standing although she still tends to do it mostly on her toes. She'll be supporting her weight and then all of a sudden goes slack so you really need to make sure you are holding her. She's also pushing up with her feet a lot and scooting her butt around when you're changing her. She lifts her booty right off the new diaper. I put a little pillow at the head of her changing pad at home because she keeps scooting into the wood barrier we have around the top of the dresser. She is definitely getting stronger every day.

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