Saturday, January 5, 2008

frozen milk!

In a shocking turn of events all 10 of my Milk Mate bottles are in the fridge (most have 4-5 oz) so I stored the 9 oz I pumped this morning in bags and put them downstairs in our freezer. This is a first. I never thought I'd be this ahead. I have been reading that a lot of little ones slow down around the 3 month mark. Molly was 12 weeks as of yesterday and will be 3 months old next Saturday. I have consistently been able to pump 8-9 oz each morning for the last few weeks (thankfully my cold did not affect my supply) and most days she just eats on the boob. We've given her a bottle every now and then so N can feed her, but haven't *needed* to because she was still hungry. What a welcome change of pace.

We also weighed her again on our scale (not completely accurate as N weighs himself and then weighs himself holding Molly) and she's roughly 15 lbs 4 oz. So she's definitely getting enough to eat. She's actually spit up several times in the last two days (which is very unusual for her) because I think she overate. Molly had the audacity to spit up all over N's desk while she was sitting in his lap. Clear signal she doesn't want daddy to multitask when he's with her. She demands undivided attention!

Bree, Jon, and Logan came over last night to hang out. Bree and I were the feeding zone on the futon while we all watched some movies. Moo!

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