Monday, January 21, 2008

first cold

Molly has come down with her first cold. She started out a little snotty last Wednesday and has had a cough. The good thing is she still seems to be eating the same amount. Sometimes congestion can cause issues with eating since they can't breathe, which starts a very vicious cycle, but luckily we have avoided that scenario. We drove up to Tahoe on Thursday and Molly was a bit fussy in the car. She actually cried most of the time between our first and second stop. I was a little worried how she'd react going over the mountain with her cold, but she was fine during the last leg of our trip. Her teething has acted up again the last two nights. You can feel a hardened ridge on her gums, but haven't had any teeth break through just yet. Although it's definitely getting closer and closer to that point.

We took Molly out in her snowsuit as you can see in the pictures I posted yesterday. It was cold, but also windy so our walk was cut short. Every time a gust came up she would throw her arms out in a startle pose. Dad tried to block the wind the best he could with his hands, but we turned around and headed back to the cabin. She never once cried, but I didn't want to keep her out in such windy conditions. It started snowing yesterday and we're still getting some light snow today. The wind has died down so we might venture out again this afternoon.

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