Monday, May 12, 2008

7 months old

Molly is 7 months old today. Today will also be her first swim lesson. She's going to love it. She absolutely loves water. Can't wait to see how much fun she's going to have in the big pool.

Molly is pretty mobile these days. She can get around a room no problem. I wouldn't say she's fully crawling yet in the traditional sense of the word (up on hands and knees while moving), but she is getting very very close. She can get up on her hands and knees and move a little bit, but tends to resort to rolling or scooting since that seems to be easier for her. I got her an area rug for her room and then a soft quilt to put over that so she has a place to move around that's not hardwood. Although she tends to immediately get herself off of this and onto the narrow hardwood strips around it. More often than not she will scoot herself backwards under her crib or changing table until her big ol' cotton diaper booty gets her stuck. Visiting both grandmas is great because they have carpet. Gives her more practice than at home. I just don't want her scootin' around on the hardwood (her poor noggin) and all the pet hair. She'll be doing that soon enough.

Molly's absolute favorite thing these days has to be cheerios. At first she was all about getting them in her grubby little hands, but now she's actually eating them. Don't get me wrong, a ton still end up on the floor, but this is something that she can do through an entire meal which is great for us. Definite distraction. :-) She is still being breast fed for the most part, but she does have solids every day. More for the practice than anything else. So far she seems to prefer the veggies over the fruit. The one downside to introducing solids is the lack of regularity. She can go a day without a poopy diaper which just means the next one she's going to have is going to be a doozy. That and she tends to like to have these in the car which equals blowout since there's really no place for it to go but up and out. You combine this with the fact that she's wearing 12 month - 2T (toddler) clothing (brands vary so much it's just silly) and it's getting harder to find onesies (aka cloth fabric to cover her booty and contain aforementioned blow out) means we've had some epic messes while out and about. The cloth diaper covers that she wears at home just contain it better. Sure, you'll have to swap out the cover, but at least her outfit is spared.

Another favorite past time is definitely motorboat. As you can see from the various videos posted she loves to do it... and she'll do it for hours. Seriously. That is not an exaggeration. Just plays with her toys while motorboating away. Crazy girl.

No teeth yet. Which is good because Molly definitely loves her boob time. If I'm in the house and someone tries to give her a bottle she'll usually spit it out and demand her meal directly from the source. Side feeding has been a godsend. For one, she's not distracted... let's just say it's a good thing she doesn't jerk her head around with my boob in her mouth. For another, I can doze off if need be. I'm pretty sure Molly would happily sleep through the night with my boob in her mouth.


Jennifer said...

Happy 7 month birthday Molly!!

Hayley said...

Molly is sounding like such a good no. 2 will be a troublemaker! I am so broody, I love looking at this page!