Wednesday, May 14, 2008

first swim class

Monday's class was canceled last minute so today was Molly's first swim class. She loved being in the water. The goal for the class was to really just get the little ones used to the water (done), work up to getting them ok with having their head in the water while laying on their back (done), teaching them how to kick (done), and then maybe getting them comfortable with going under the water (did this in class today so another done). There was a 14 month old and a 18 month old in class with us and I'd have to say Molly was definitely more comfortable in the water. Trust me, this is just luck since Molly has loved water since day one and we haven't done anything special. She loves her bath time so I wanted to sign her up for classes so she continues to get exposure to water and hopefully continues to love it. My main goal is to not pick up any bad habits and learn all the tricks so I can pass that info along to friends. Towards the end of class Molly started to let me know she was getting hungry (bite my nose, eat my shoulder, grab at my boobs... the usual) and was starting to get a little tired. My mom dressed her and took her out to N for a bottle while I changed. She was out like a light in the car within a few blocks of the Y. I'm hoping this means swim lessons equals guaranteed nap time. :-)

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Mama Bree said...

it's super cool that Molly loves the water so much!! I am very jealous :) keep it up!! can't wait to hear more stories of how she out swims all the big kids in her class!! :)