Thursday, May 22, 2008

spoke too soon

Molly went down last night around 10:30 with very little fanfare. Then I woke up around 2 when I could hear her crying (no monitor, just through the walls so I knew she had been going at it for a bit). N was still up so he had let her cry for about 5 minutes before going in to check on her. He was following the suggestion of the various web sites he had read by just patting her while she still lay in the crib to let her know he was there, but not picking her up. Then I come in and she sees me and the crying escalates to full on meltdown mode. She rolls over to her stomach and starts pushing herself backwards. I pick her up and it takes me a good 20 minutes to get her to fall asleep again. I did not leave her room. I just rocked her in her chair. She showed no signs of being hungry as she calmed down the minute she was in my arms. Then she wakes up again around 6:30. I wait to make sure she's really up and when I open the door to her room I see that she's on her hands and knees in the back corner of her crib looking straight at me. I figure she's up for the day and get her up, change her, and feed her. Well, then she passes out again and sleeps in until 9:30.

Have to read up on this and figure out the best way to handle things if she wakes up again tonight. I definitely do not want to reinforce this behavior.

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Hayley said...

Aww. I wonder if she's having nightmares? My Mum said she used to do the patting thing with me too, it worked after a few days, just reassured me that she was there.