Tuesday, May 27, 2008

long weekend

We had a nice long weekend. It was a little overcast, but the sun finally came out yesterday. We had a bbq here on Sunday and then went over to the Jodoins for a bbq yesterday. Molly tested out some of Robert's toys. She kept trying to jump in his walker. She has rediscovered her jumper recently. We had it on the lowest setting for too long and it was no longer bouncing as much. N then moved it up to the highest setting, but that was too high for her. So we put it on the middle setting (she sounds like Goldilocks) and she's going to town in the thing. Talk about your stress test. I wouldn't be surprised to find her sitting on the ground one of these days after she snaps all the support straps.

Molly is still getting around, but not crawling in the strict sense of the definition. When she gets up on her hands and knees she rocks back and forth a lot, but doesn't get too far going forward. Either an arm will go down or she'll end up rolling over. Still, she wants it so it's only a matter of time. She did a great job standing at one of the toys yesterday. She was fine as long as she was distracted with all the sounds and lights, but once she realized she was standing and it was getting tiring she was done. I've stood her up outside of her crib a few times holding on to that, but she doesn't really like it. I have caught her more and more interested in the Rainforest Waterfall Soother that's up in her crib. She's managed to turn it on a few times by herself and it's mounted pretty high up on her crib. As long as it's her choice to get up she's fine with it.

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