Thursday, May 29, 2008

hopefully it was just a phase...

It's been a week and Molly is back to sleeping through the night. Yay! Hopefully that middle of the night nonsense was just a phase. Hey, I live in a lovely town called Denial. You should come visit some time. :-)

N went up to his dad's yesterday for a day of fishing. I picked up my mom on the way to Molly's swim class (she took Molly in the pool this time) and then my dad came over a little later with dinner so I could go to Muay Thai. I had a bit of a hard lump (partially clogged duct would be my guess) and tried to get Molly to work it out before I left, but she fell asleep on me. Want to know what really doesn't feel good when you have a partially clogged duct? Jumping rope. Want to know what the warm up for class is? Yep, jumping rope. I also inadvertently walked into a Thai Pads class. Usually, you beat the shit out of a bag. In Thai Pads you beat the shit out of each other (holding pads, hence the name). Of course I was the only female. I was able to do my routine, but when it came time to hold for the guy I was partnered with my wrist called uncle after the first set. The body kicks did me in. Luckily some other fighters had shown up at that point so my partner was able to continue with his workout.

In other good news, Molly is starting to fall into a routine with her naps. She tends to take one late morning/early afternoon and then another one late afternoon/early evening. Of course this really only works when we're home. If we go out and about it messes her up and she tends to get overly tired that night. But when she does nap she's usually pretty easy to put down. I'm still having some issues getting her to eat solids and she tends to only want the boob when I'm around. I find if I try right after a nap I have the best luck. She's more into freeze dried fruit and veggies (think stuff she can grab herself) than the mushy blended stuff. I haven't really come across anything she doesn't like. She gave a look when she had some fresh blueberries over the weekend, but I think that was more of a texture thing than anything else. Blueberries are considered a choking hazard until the age of 3 (or so I've read) so I quartered them and I think she was just having a harder time picking them up. Cheerios are still her favorite. She loves them and I'd say a good 90% now end up in her mouth.


Mama Bree said...

sweet!! glad to hear Molly's back to sleeping thru the night. it's never fun when they go thru the "wake up every few hours" phase :(

Jennifer said...

Robert went through the same thing where he would wake up every night and want to eat. It only lasted for about a week so hopefully it is the same thing with Molly. Interupted sleep SUCKS!!