Wednesday, November 19, 2008

bye bye Buddha belly

Since Molly has been so active, her little belly has gone from Buddha like proportions to just a little belly. As a result she's actually gone back in pant size. I had her in 18 month pants back in the late spring/early summer because anything smaller would cut in to her belly. She also had a few pairs of 24 month and 2T's that she was wearing. Mostly pants that had the option to be snapped up to capri length so I could roll them up and they would actually stay up. I had to go up into the last bin of clothes I put up in the attic for storage and take some pants back out. Now that her belly has gone away she can wear them again. She's still wearing some of her 12 month pants. They are a little short, but that's better than the larger sizes slowly falling down on her because then she'll trip on them as they get under her feet. However, she does have a long torso so the 18 and 2T tops do fit best.

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