Monday, November 10, 2008

SF Zoo

It was an absolutely gorgeous San Francisco day... clear blue skies... and a little chilly... but that's SF for ya! Jenn had made plans to head up to the Zoo so Molly and I decided to join them. We got there right in time for opening which worked out great since Molly had her morning nap in the car on the drive up. She also passed out in her stroller for a bit towards the end of the day. I think all the fresh air and breeze on top of the fact that she was snuggled in konked her right out.

We both brought our cameras, but Jenn had left her memory card at work and after a few shots my camera started flashing a low battery sign. The upside was both of our cameras took the same memory card so once my camera finally died we swapped over to Jenn's. Heh, between the two of us we made it work!

Robert had a great time running around the children's area and checking out all the animals up close and personal. Molly was still a little mellow from her morning nap (cut a little short) so she just chilled in the Bob stroller and checked things out. Unfortunately it was a little windy and a little chilly and a lot of the animals decided to stay inside. I'm thinking the next time we should head back is in the spring when all the babies start making an appearance.

Click on the picture below for the full gallery:

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