Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect Tahoe day.

It was the perfect Tahoe day... skies clear blue... temp was 60... sun was out... and not a trace of wind... perfectly still. We went on a hike up to the pond that we always go to. N took Molly in the Deuter on the way up and I took her on the way back down. She got a little upset at the transfer. Apparently she wants daddy when she's in the carrier, but she got over it and fell asleep about 1/3 of the way back. We also had all 4 dogs with us. We were quite the sight. Ran into a couple goldens and a few labs plus some other mountain type dogs. I always get a kick out of how many people recognize Odin's correct breed up here (Norwegian Elkhound) as opposed to down in the bay area where everyone thinks he's a husky. Sadie still gets a lot of random guesses... everyone starts out with beagle, but then says, "No, she's too big to be a beagle." Hey, if you figure it out... let me know.

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