Friday, November 28, 2008

greetings from Tahoe

Woke up this morning to a lovely frost on the ground, but so far no signs of snow. It was a lovely 34 out this morning when I went to the grocery store, but got up into the 50's as the day went on. I swear a half a dozen homes have popped up since our last visit. I felt for all the constuction workers that were out. At least Tahoe is dry and not usually windy... still, too damn chilly to work outside all day long. However, the sun was out and the skies were clear so it could have always been worse.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our house yesterday (down in San Jose, we drove up last night). All the grandparents made it over for an early meal at 3:00 pm. I didn't want to eat too late because then you just end up eating all day long. Which we still managed to do, but it wasn't *as* bad as years past. It all seemed to go by in a bit of a blur, but I suppose that's the way now that there's a little one running around. Molly LOVED the stuffing, but didn't have much interest in anything else. At least this year she was awake for the meal. If memory serves she spent last Thanksgiving asleep in her swing for most of the day. Well, between being held and having bottles. This thanksgiving was spent making each and every one of her grandparens follow her around the house as she did not want to be in one place long. Hey, as long as someone else was following her I was fine with it. :-)

On Wednesday N and I got up and headed down to a local post office with a passport office and got Molly's passport paperwork taken care of. It should arrive in the next 3-4 weeks. I was tempted to take her picture at home with our digital camera, but ended up running out of time and motivation so we just got it done there. Took a few tries, but we ended up getting a picture taken with me sitting on the chair and holding Molly above my head and in front of the screen while N and the Post Office lady tried to get Molly to look at the camera by making fools of themselves. Since it was digital we got to see the pic and she looks more than a little confused, but still adorable. I'll scan it in once it arrrives for all to see.

We plan to stay in Tahoe until Wednesday. Don't have anything on the agenda other than taking some hikes and chilling about the cabin. Odin and Lola are also with us so we have 4 dogs lazing about. Molly loves to get kisses from all the dogs so she's taken to walking up to them with her mouth open (her idea of giving kisses) and it looks like she's going to eat their nose. Sadie knows what this means and will eventually give in, but Odin and Lola are more than a little confused. I need to get some pics of that, it's hilarious!

Well, N is just about finished feeding Molly so I should go. It's been nothing but peas and carrots today. Should we be concerned that our daughter is being a picky eater when it's nothing but veggies that she will eat?

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