Friday, November 14, 2008

Oak Meadow Park

We're having a lovely week here in sunny CA. I won't get into the exact numbers as I know some of you are dealing with some bitter cold right now, but let's just say we're having some record breaking highs. Molly and I got together with Jessie and her daughter Addison (and some of their friends) along with Katrine and Emily at the Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos this afternoon. Emily and Addison are also in Molly's Little Gym class on Thursday mornings.

It was a gorgeous day. Molly chilled in her Bob stroller and had a nice long lunch. Then we headed over to the grass. She kept trying to take Emily's walker, but was getting frustrated at how uneven the grass was. However, when she tried to head over to the dirt/gravel area (which was flat) I had to stop her because she didn't have any shoes on. She got more than a little frustrated. I gave her a bottle and she proceeded to konk out in her stroller as we walked the park with Katrine and Emily (in her brand new wagon). Molly was still out when we finished our loop so I left her in the stroller as Emily got some swing time in. It finally started to get dark around 5:00 and we realized we should probably be heading home.

However, since it was such a nice night out Molly and I went home to get N and then headed out for some burgers where we could sit outside and enjoy the evening. We headed up to Clarke's in Mt. View and got our fix. It was still nice out when we got home so we decided to spend some time in the hot tub. Gotta love CA weather!

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