Tuesday, March 31, 2009

buttons, buckles, and zippers... oh my!

Molly's first major obsession has been with buttons. Remotes are her favorite, but she's not picky. She'll turn on and off a wall light switch as long as you let her. She also LOVES to turn off any unattended laptop. Molly quickly figured out if you hold down the power button the screen will eventually go dark... aka hard shut down. So yeah, if you are over at our house make sure you save before getting up and always shut your laptop. Sleep mode is better than rebooting.

Another great story is the time she reprogrammed the outgoing message on my parent's answering machine from their cordless. They didn't even realize they could do this from the cordless. They thought it had to be done at the base where the answering machine is located. My dad called home one day and he thought some little kid answered the phone. Nope, that was just Molly making noise as she hacked the system. Hilarious? Yes. Indication we're in for much worse down the road? Oh hell yeah.

My iPhone is another favorite of hers. Molly bug has already figured out how to unlock the phone (for those not familiar, this entails sliding a button across the screen with your finger). No problem, I'll just put a password on it. OK, slight problem. Didn't quite realize there was an "Emergency Call" button on the keypad that pops up for your password. So far she hasn't successfully made any outgoing calls, but it's just a matter of time. She has also entered in enough wrong passwords to lock me out of my phone for 2 minutes. Hey, I'm not giving her my iPhone to play with, but she has a knack for finding it when I'm not looking.

Buckles. This is the latest obsession. If you check the gallery below you'll see she's all about the buckles on her booster seat. Which is usually a good thing because she'll strap herself in and normally doesn't undo them. Not that she's not capable of it as I've turned to wash food from her tray and I hear a quick click, click and she's free. She's more into fastening them than unfastening them. I pulled down her Deuter carrier as it's full of buckles and let her go to town. It's a little ridiculous how long this can occupy her time. You do have to sit there so you can unfasten everything quickly when she's done, but it can go on for the better part of an hour which is nice. The obsession doesn't end there... N has discovered she likes to fasten the buckle between the straps of his backpack which makes throwing it over his shoulder a little difficult. He now has to check before heading out in the mornings. If he does put his backpack on and she's around she wants to fasten this buckle when it's on him. She also loves the chin strap for his bike helmet.

Speaking of backpacks, Molly has discovered the joy of zippers. If we're not careful she'll completely unload the contents of a backpack or really any bag left laying around. She also likes to unzip the side insulated pocket on her diaper bag in the hopes that she'll find a bottle waiting for her. And you can forget keeping a jacket or sweater zipped up. She's way too fast for that.

Molly is also great about climbing into her carseat all by herself. Which is great because I can just open the door and put her down on the seat and she can climb in while I unload everything else I'm carrying. That is if she doesn't get distracted and snap all the buckles into place first. She hasn't quite mastered the seat belt buckle, but she's all about snapping the one across her chest. I was a little worried she was going to pinch herself since it's a pretty hard snap, but so far so good. She's been doing this for the last few weeks and no injuries yet. The smart little cookie has figured out to push the ends together with her palms rather than leaving her fingers in harm's way.

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