Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tooth #11

Last night Molly's top right molar came in. It has been threatening to break through for a while now and it finally did last night... with a vengeance! We drove back from Tahoe yesterday making a detour by N's dad's place. Usually we leave right around Molly's bed time so she can sleep for the drive, but this didn't work out yesterday. She had just fallen asleep when we got to Grant's place around 4:00 pm and was getting cranky by 6 so we decided to get back on the road in the hopes that she would fall asleep again. She didn't. Around 7:00 she was done with being in the car and let us know it. Her annoyed chatter turned into uncomfortable whines so we pulled over around 7:30 and discovered a poopy diaper. She was fine with being changed, but was NOT happy about going back in the car seat (we had pulled over at an exit with a gravel area rest spot and NOTHING else). Molly let us know she was not happy about being in the car for the next 30 minutes. Yup, she pretty much screamed for 30 minutes straight. She finally calmed down and started playing with her laptop toy and then a little after 8:00 she passed out. We got home around 9:00 and hoped she would sleep through the transfer to bed.


Not even close.

Molly was up until about 10:00 pm when she finally stopped making noise. This was after a bottle and a few escape attempts. At one point I was trying to rock with her to calm her down and she asked for her buh-bee (bottle). As soon as I handed it to her she scooted off me and the chair with the bottle in one hand and bolted for her door and down the hall. She stopped in front of the office yelling for daddy. She has already figured out that I'm bad cop and runs to daddy for rescue whenever I'm making her do something she doesn't want to do. So N went back with her to her room and hung out with her until she was ready to drink her bottle and go to bed.

Or so we thought.

11:30 - Molly wakes up screaming. N is still up so he stays with her until midnight when she finally passes out again.

12:30 - Molly wakes up screaming. I head back to her room and eventually she asks for another buh-bee. She downs it in record time and falls asleep on me. I put her back down around 1:00 am

2 something,

3 something,

*and* 4 something - Molly wakes up screaming. We rock in her chair. She falls asleep on me and I put her back down. At the 4 something time I change her diaper and sneak some tylenol in her.

7:00 - Molly wakes up screaming. N gets up and takes care of her diaper change and feeds her breakfast so I can sneak in another 30 or so minutes of sleep and then a shower.

Molly was actually in a great mood once she was up for the day and running around. So we headed to My Gym as her first class was at 9:15 this morning. She was a little tired, but all over the place in class. She explored the place a lot more this time and tried pretty much everything they had out. She was not interested in sitting in my lap during the welcome song and kept walking to the middle of the circle so she could watch everyone. She was much more willing to sit in my lap during the goodbye song as she was pretty tired at this point. I gave her a bottle in her car seat before we left and she fell asleep as we ran a few errands. Totally slept through the transition to bed once we got home (I don't even think she opened her eyes when I took her out of the car seat) and I'm hoping she has a nice long nap to help make up for last night.


Mama Bree said...

Boy, that post sounds soooo familiar! I can totally relate. :( I'm sorry to hear you had such a rough night with molly, but glad to hear another molar has popped through finally!! hopefully the last one will be as easy as the first two! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh man! Those are tough tough times. Hopefully she slept through the night last night...