Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Last night was better than the night before, but Molly still woke up twice. It was hard to get her down, which is definitely not the norm. I had given her some tylenol a little bit before bed time in the hopes that it would help her sleep through the night. She stopped making noise a little after 8:00 pm, but woke up around 9:30 screaming up a storm. She was inconsolable. She did not want to be held, but she did not want to be put down. She was crawling out of her skin and started to get that hyperventilated scream because she was going at full force for a good solid 15 minutes. N was out walking the dogs when she first woke up and when he got back I sent him to the store for some Motrin. Bree had mentioned over the weekend that they had better luck with Motrin than Tylenol when it came to teething and I was willing to try anything after watching my daughter hysterically scream for 15 minutes straight. I moved us out to the couch and turned on the tv while N was gone in hopes of distracting Molly a bit. It worked and she calmed down enough to take a dose when N got home. She finally fell asleep on me and N moved her to her own bed around 10:30.

Molly woke up again at 4:30 screaming. It wasn't as bad as the previous screaming match, but she was definitely in some pain. Changed her diaper and got another dose in her, but she definitely was not ready to go back down. We once again headed back to the couch for some tv distraction. I thought she had fallen asleep, but she clung to me the second I shifted to get up so we had to chill out a little longer. Finally got her back to bed around 5:30 am. Luckily, she slept in until 9:00 this morning so we both got some much needed sleep. She is doing better today, but her teeth are definitely bothering her as she's trying to gnaw on anything she can. Well, we got lucky with the first 10 so I'm not too surprised she's having issues, but I sure hope it passes soon. I hate to see her in any pain.


Hayley said...

Have you tried putting a gel/water teething ring in the fridge, and then letting her chew on that? My Mum swore by it for my sister and I. The cold numbs the gums and reduces the blood flow to the sensitive areas, while the chewing motion massages them.

Kim said...

Oh yeah, we have several... she was not in the mood for anything.

heather said...

i hope it passes soon. give her a big hug for me :(