Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sparks, NV

On Sunday N, Molly, and I drove to Sparks, NV to visit our friend Brandy (that lives there) and meet up with our two friends Angela and Chris (that were up for the weekend from San Diego). Brandy had a few friends over for a bbq and kids were running all over the place. She has a great house up in the hills that has an excellent view of the Sierras... so jealous of her 5 bedroom abode. They even have a dedicated kid play room for all the toys to stay in one place! N took plenty of pictures so I'll post a link as soon as they are up. I told him to take plenty of pics of her art so I'm hoping those turn out. Brandy has some great retro style pieces that I just love.

Molly had a great time running around and laughing at Max (Brandy's 4 year old pointer) and then climbing up their stairs... again and again and again. That definitely tuckered her out and once she started rubbing her eyes we knew it was time to take off. We hit some rain on the drive home and my wipers were making a terrible racket (replaced them yesterday). I could tell it was annoying Molly as she kept stirring, but not enough to wake up her (thank goodness!). It was great to catch up with old friends and expose Molly to some older kids.

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