Sunday, March 15, 2009

lovely weekend in Tahoe

We drove up Thursday night and have been spending a lovely weekend in Tahoe with Bree, Jon, and Logan (and Odin, Lola, and Sanka). So, that's 4 adults, 4 dogs, 2 kids, and 1 cat in the cabin... always a full house. Molly has been entertaining herself quite a bit with her booster seat. She either stands in front of it and snaps the buckles shut or does this while sitting in her chair. We're literally talking for an hour straight. It's been nice! She is also a freakin' monkey these days climbing up on everything. So glad I signed her up for My Gym (thanks Katrine!). Classes start up on Tuesday and they have two Free Play sessions during the week that all enrolled students can attend. When we stopped by on Thursday to sign up we arrived just in time for one and Molly had a blast. As soon as she sat down in the plastic ball bin she let out a low chuckle and started to giggle. Definitely the right time for another class.

Yesterday Bree, Jon, Logan, and I took the dogs (minus Snickers) on a quick hike. Then I came back and gave Snickers a nice long walk around the streets. Ran into a neighbor with their 18 month old daughter (who was very excited to see Snickers) that lives just around the corner. They also have a three year old girl. Nice to know there are some kids in the area. Then last night we headed out to sushi for an early birthday dinner for Bree. Kids started to get a little antsy, but we were all able to get most of our food down before we had to start handing the kids back n' forth while we finished up and paid the bill.

Molly is still not a fan of the snow. She's just fine standing on the side porch looking at the snow or being held in your arms above the snow, but put her in contact with the dreaded white stuff and it's waterworks city! However, she did do something rather cute. She was standing by the side door where we have a mounted boot brush and then started to mimic us by putting her little boot up to brush the bottom. Honey, you only have to do that when you actually stand in snow and get some on your boots!

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