Friday, May 8, 2009

Adults only

Wednesday night Nathan and I went to a lovely dinner in the Saratoga hills. A colleague of N's extended the invitation. It was at a gorgeous house and the food was gourmet. Every now and then you need to leave the kid with the grandparents and hang out with some adults. Sure, there was plenty of shop talk going around, but I remembered enough from my "working" days to be able to follow the conversations. The hosts were a group of people that had put on several legendary boondoggles in their time... many of which I had attended so I knew we were in good company.

Still, a major case of house envy was had. Nice view, huh:

I was especially jealous of all the bamboo on the property:

(click on either pic for more)

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Mama Bree said...

oh wow I LOVE that house!! some day maybe we can have something like that, right? :) I especially love the little zen garden in the middle of the house - super cool!