Thursday, May 21, 2009

Heat wave

We had quite the heat wave this past weekend. Temps were nearing 100 out on both Saturday and Sunday. We had a play dates both days in the morning (aka pre-nap) before it got too hot. On Saturday we met up with Molly's friend Maya and her mom Stacey. Then Mo joined us for lunch after his bike ride. On Sunday we met up with Robert and Jenn in downtown Campbell for their annual Boogie on the Bayou event. It was already 80 out at 9:00 am so I knew we weren't going to last long. After a quick lap and some purchases at the Farmer's Market we all headed back here so the kids could play with Molly's new water table (yes, it can also hold sand, but don't tell Molly that). Jenn took some great pics and video. Thanks Jenn!

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Mama Bree said...

hey! even if it was only for 30 min, we still met up with you guys at the Campbell festival too!! ;-)