Tuesday, May 5, 2009

reason #867 I'm a dog person...

A few weeks back Charlie got herself STUCK trying to go through the kid gate we have in front of the office. It has metal bars and she was pretty wedged in there so I had to come to her rescue.

Well, this morning I get up and give the cats their morning scoop of food (all cat stuff is in the office). I then shut the gate behind me and leave the cats in there. Michael can hop over the gate no problem, but Charlie usually just hangs out in the office during the day. Well, I hear some rattling and sure enough Charlie went through the gate again. She got herself a little stuck, but pulled free before I got to her.

Then Molly and I come out to the living room after playing in her room for a bit and it smells like shit... FUCKIN' CHARLIE SHIT BEHIND THE COUCH!!!!


It was right NEXT to the amp, but not ON the amp. Thank goodness for small favors.



Fuckin' cat.


Mama Bree said...

Ugh. That's pretty bad. Iz will sometimes poop RIGHT IN FRONT OF the litter box. Apparently it's too much trouble to go inside (or sometimes I think it's cuz we haven't cleaned it out and he's sending us a message). He also has a horrible habit of not covering up his poop, so we are welcomed by a terrible SHIT smell wafting through the house just after he's gone. This is also the same cat that has peed on our leather couches several times.

Yeah, Jon so wants to kill Iz. Like, actually get rid of him. *sigh*

Hayley said...

Lol, you don't sound too happy...