Friday, May 8, 2009

Hickson Day Care

Robert and Molly had a day long play date yesterday when Robert's Nana fell ill. The kids played and played and played some more. I was wondering how nap time was going to go over, but both kids went down for about two hours. First I took them both back to Molly's room so I could change them one last time before putting them down. Molly had some of her bottle while I changed Robert and then I put her down in her crib and said, "Night night" as Robert and I walked out. Well, that just pissed her off. Still, I figured I had better chances of her falling asleep on her own since she was in her own bed and just let her cry it out while I put Robert down in our room. Five minutes later Robert was sound asleep and Molly had stopped her bellowing.

The kids had a great time playing hide n' seek:

"Sharing" toys:

Chasing the furry kids around was another fun game:

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Mama Bree said...

great pics! love them!