Thursday, May 28, 2009

teething (#13, 14, and possibly 15)

Tooth #13, that pesky bottom left canine, has reared it's ugly head again. It broke through a few weeks back and then it all but disappeared on us. The gums were probably so swollen they closed back over and it had to break through again. This all started late last week and lasted through most of the long weekend. It also looks like her top right canine (#14) has broken through and her bottom right one (#15) is also starting to break the surface. There were many long nights where Molly was waking up screaming for more drugs or to just be held. You know it's bad when she's too tired to open her eyes, but is still screaming so hard her face is beat red. Still, after another dose or some love she was usually back in bed within 10 minutes sound asleep. The interruption every few hours was a little exhausting, but Molly was handling it as well as can be expected. Here's to hoping these three come all the way in and that's the last of the torment for at least a little while.

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