Friday, April 17, 2009

Charlie, inadvertent hilarity

When Molly gets up in the morning Michael leads me to the office for the cats morning scoop. Charlie is either camped out in the living room or her chair in the office. They both bellow (loudly) until they are stuffing their mouths full of food. Once Michael is done he'll usually camp outside our bedroom door where N is still sleeping. He'll bellow until someone lets him in. The bellowing stopped so I assumed N stumbled over and let him in. A few minutes later I heard the bellowing again, but it sounded just a little different. I get up, assuming Michael still wants in our bedroom, and as I come out of the living room I realize it's coming from the hallway. It was Charlie. She was stuck. Lazy cat tried to go THROUGH the kid gate and had wedged herself between the bars pretty good. Her belly was pouring around them and she had nowhere to go. I slowly inched her through and she immediately bolted behind the couch. Hopefully she won't try that again any time soon.


Hayley said...

Lol, silly fat cat!

Mama Bree said...

bwahahahahahaha did you get a pic?!?! :)

Kimmy said...