Saturday, April 25, 2009

C is for cowgirl

Molly inherited some old cowboy boots from Auntie Jenn's massive used clothes connection. When she wants to put them on it's all smiles:

However, when *I* try to get her to wear them it's nothing but tears:

I just uploaded some more pics to smug mug (click for more), but wanted to include a few more of my favorite shots from the past few weeks. This one from bath time just cracks me up:

If Nathan is still sleeping (which he usually is) Molly likes to barge in and demand a good morning hug. I swear two seconds before this one was taken she was laying on his chest giving him a big ol' hug, but she popped up the second she heard me and the camera. Still, a pretty darn cute shot:

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Kimmy said...

ee! That bath picture is the best..ever