Monday, April 13, 2009

Snickers update

Snickers went in today to have an ultrasound done so they could tell the extent of the cancer. It turns out it's not cancer of the liver, but rather cancer of the bladder. They did a biopsy and took a urine sample and hope those results can tell us a little more.

The blood test on Friday did show elevated levels in the liver, but they are not in the super high dangerous zone so we should be able to administer some pain meds to keep Snicky doo comfortable. However, since he's still eating and not showing any signs of discomfort we're going to wait until we know more before deciding which pain meds to go with.

Snickers came home with a shaved belly from the ultrasound and Sadie was all sorts of interested in that. She sniffed and inspected thoroughly. The location of the tumor in the bladder does explain why Snickers has been constantly asking to go outside and why he keeps trying to go to the bathroom when he doesn't really have to go. Once we understand how the cancer started we'll have a better idea of what we can do to make him comfortable.

Snickers attitude hasn't changed and he's still the happy-go-lucky dog that we all know and love. We just need to keep an eye out and make sure he's not hiding any pain.


Mama Bree said...

Poor Snickers!! :( We definitely feel for you and of course, completely understand. It's great news at least, to know you can give him pain meds if, and when, you need to. Thank goodness he has you as loving owners and parents :)

If there's anything we can do, it goes without saying - LET US KNOW.

Hayley said...

Poor thing, I hope he's ok