Friday, January 15, 2010


Molly and I headed up to Fairyland today. We met up with Jenn, Robert, Connor, and Bev and arrived a few minutes after they opened at 10:00 am. I had no idea this place even existed until a friend posted some pics on Facebook. It was wonderful. The kids LOVED it!

We pretty much let them run amok and check things out at their own pace. It wasn't very crowded so we could keep an eye on them. This place was very kid friendly and most of the attractions were built for little ones to run through. It wasn't very big and I'm pretty sure we saw everything at least once. There was one merry-go-round they were too short to go on (38" height requirement), but they had a blast on the little train instead. Although their favorite part was probably running through the Old West style town front that was all connected on the second floor and had a slide at one end.

By the time we made it around to the mini Alice in Wonderland inspired merry-go-round Molly was getting tired and more content to chill in her stroller than get on the ride. Robert had a blast though... AND had the ride completely to himself! Luckily Molly caught a second wind post lunch and I was able to get some pictures of them in the Emerald City as various Oz characters.

Click here for the gallery from the day.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks againfor going with us! We had a great time!