Sunday, January 3, 2010


Other than getting sick just in time for Christmas, the holidaze has actually been great. We laid low on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day we hosted like normal. Thanksgiving worked out so well I decided to do the same routine. Grant arrived just after Molly went down for her nap around 1:00. Then everyone else arrived around 2:00. We were able to eat an early dinner and clean up before Molly woke up from nap time.

Molly was a little overwhelmed with all the Christmas presents. She would get interested in whatever gift (and sometimes just the packaging) she opened up she would have no interest in opening another present. So the opening of gifts was spread out throughout the day. We still have her main present from us wrapped up and sitting under the tree. I figure she can open it sometime in February and get super excited about having a new toy. With all the presents she received from family the one she loved the most were these "magic" feeding baby bottles that my mom got her. I think she just loves the fact that they fit into her little hands and she can carry them everywhere. And I mean everywhere. She goes to bed holding on to them and wakes up holding them.

This last week Logan's school was shut down so we were able to do some play dates (click here for pictures). On Monday Bree and Logan came over for the day and the two kids tired each other out. Then on Tuesday Robert and Connor were also able to join Logan and this time Jon for another play date. The Jodoins took off for nap time, but we were able to put Logan down for his nap again here. All of the kids love Molly's favorite present. Molly has been "feeding" all of her toys and Logan picked up on it. It was pretty darn cute. That night we left N with both kids (after they went down for the night) so Bree, Jon, and I could go see Invictus. Great movie.

Thursday we headed over to the the Jodoins for New Years Eve. The plan was to get together around 5:00 pm and have the kids tire each other out. Jenn made dinner and then we were all praying the kids would go down so the adults could ring in the New Year. It worked. I noticed Molly was starting to slow down around 7:30 so I asked if she was tired (she nodded) and if she was ready for nite nite (she said yes and headed down the hall to find daddy). We put her down in Jenn and Jarrod's room in a portable crib and she was out like a light by 7:45. I'm a little surprised she was able to fall asleep while the other kids were still running around and making tons of noise, but she did. We didn't hear a peep out of her until we woke her up to head home. All the other kids were down by 8:45 which was quite the feat. We played a couple games and rang in the New Years with a quick look at the tv while the ball dropped and then back to the game of Settlers we were playing. Jeff won. Congrats Jeff!

My parents had asked us when Molly could come over for another sleepover so we dropped her off on Friday night and headed out to dinner and a movie with some friends. We saw Sherlock Holmes. I LOVED it! Excellent movie and I hope they make another.

Yesterday we actually had two parties to attend. Molly's friend Leo turned one on the first and we had his birthday party in the afternoon. The festivities started at 1:00 so my plan was to try and get Molly down for an early nap. I would head to the party first and then N and Molly would join us after nap time. Well, she went down around 12:30, but at 1:00 I could hear her up and playing and went in. As soon as I opened the door I could see her dive across the room to her bed where she pretended she had been all along. I told her no more playing and to get some sleep. We didn't hear any more movement so I think she fell asleep shortly thereafter. However, little bug was apparently tired because she slept until 5:10. She completely missed Leo's party. We then headed over to the Connally/Shipmans for a holiday dinner that Bree made. It was deeee-licious (to quote Molly). We were able to get Molly down on Logan's super cool new toddler travel bed. She did end up in the very corner for some reason, but she still went down easy and fell asleep. Which is great news seeing as I just ordered one since she no longer fits in her little tent.

I hope everyone else had a great holidaze. Until next year...

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