Sunday, January 24, 2010

N is for Ninja

Molly has a t-shirt that says that and boy has that been true these days. Once again, Molly's toddler bed allows her to get up whenever she wants. This makes for some lovely early morning greetings along with a few middle of the night encounters.

My personal favorite? N waking up to Molly (lightly) smacking him on the face while whispering, "Wake up daddy!"

In fact I enjoy most of these encounters because Molly tends to go to daddy's side of the bed. Why? Well, because daddy will pick her up and bring her into our bed whereas mean ol' Mommy marches her back to her room for a diaper change followed by rather firm instructions to get back into her OWN bed.

I was thinking part of the reason Molly always went to N's side of the bed was due to the fact that N's side of the bed is closer to the bedroom door. Well, that is not the case up in Tahoe and last night Molly made a wide berth around me and over to N's side where she simply said, "Daddy up!"

Most of the time Molly goes to N and has him pull her up into bed, but there are times were she climbs up herself at the foot of the bed. The first indication I have that this is happening is Sadie growling at her as she tends to use Sadie as leverage to get herself all the way up onto our bed. Sadie is not pleased with this turn of events. One time she basically did a running cannonball onto N and nailed him in the back with a knee. Another time N woke up to her hand on his face when he THEN realized she was laying completely on his back (he was on his stomach). Yes, N is a VERY sound sleeper.

Molly is content to snuggle for about 20 minutes or so and then she starts asking for Abby's Flying Fairy School. Or Monsters, Inc. (that's her latest obsession). These requests start out as whispers, but quickly escalate to very loud demands if shown no sign of movement on our end.

Personally, I'm loving the fact that N is getting up with Molly more and I get that extra 20-30 minutes in bed. LOVING it! :-)

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