Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who? Me?

Molly has mastered her innocent look. Complete conviction... down to her core. Let me give you a few examples.

Since we moved her over to her toddler bed she can get up and play with toys in her room. This usually only happens at nap time when she's not quite ready to crash out. I'll hear her little footsteps as she goes around her room and picks up toys. Well, we have hardwood floors so Molly can also hear MY footsteps when I start making my way down the hall to her room.


(That would be the sound that whatever toy she was playing with makes when she throws it down on the ground.)


(Those would be her footsteps as she runs back towards her bed)


(That would be the sound of the full on DIVE she does back into her bed.)

I have opened the door to see the last part of the dive. A blur of a little body as she simultaneously dives into bed, grabs her blanket, throws it over her, and then manages to look back towards me in the doorway... COMPLETE INNOCENT LOOK on her face... and then she has the nerve to blink a few times to further flesh out her complete and utter embodiment of pure childlike innocence as her wide doe-like eyes seem to beg the question, "Why are you standing there Mommy? I've been in bed this ENTIRE time."

Yeah. Suuuure you have kid.

Another great example is when Molly is caught walking around the house with something she shouldn't have in her hands. This usually happens to be crayons (which are to be kept in the kitchen at her activity desk). As soon as she sees you she immediately puts her hands behind her back. If you ask her what she's holding in her hands she will tell you, "Nothing." If you then ask her to show you her hands she will, in one swift movement, chuck the objects behind her and then bring around her empty hands with that same COMPLETE INNOCENT LOOK.


I'm not even going to get into the fact that she already knows to work parent against parent and then toss the grandparents into the mix when she wants something. Little one already knows how to work every angle. There's a reason she's turning into quite the daddy's girl.

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