Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chillin' with Temperence...

Yesterday Carina and Temperence came over for the day while N helped Chris move. Carina stayed here with the girls while I ran out to an appointment. I brought In N' Out back for the mom's lunch and Temperence was VERY interested.

Once both girls were down for their naps Carina took off for an appointment of her own and then met up with Chris to help him finish moving. N got home a little bit after Temperence woke up. Once Molly woke up it was all about play time.

Temperence is fascinated by pretty much everything Molly does:

Gotta love those eyes!

Temperence also loves Sadie and loves calling her dog:

Gotta love the little perches kids find to sit on:

Temperence also LOVED the game of chase Molly and N played. By this point Molly was starting to get a little jealous and tells N to only chase her and not Temperence. Luckily Temperence didn't hear and/or didn't care.

For more pictures click here.

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