Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trick or Treat

Since Molly's birthday is in October I've always done Halloween themed parties. From the cake to the goody bags, everything is Halloween. As a result she seems to be pretty into the holiday. Last year we went trick o' treating to a few houses, but I think the concept was a little much for a 2 year old. This year I had much higher hopes and was not disappointed. Molly was totally into it... and not just the trick or treating part. When we walked around the neighborhood she was taking in EVERYTHING. She loved all the decorations. She loved all the costumes. The whole candy thing was a nice bonus too. However, it was definitely secondary to taking in all the details as we had to remind her more than once to say trick or treat and get out of the way of the other kids. Molly kept stopping and would turn around to ask us if we were seeing everything she was. It was beyond adorable.

Molly's hat was a little hot to wear so she insisted on holding it. The problem was she kept holding it above her purple pumpkin bucket which made GETTING the candy a little tricky. Here she is getting into the swing of things with Granny Marsh.

Approaching our first neighbor...

Woody and Buzz:

Woody and Jessie:

Molly likes to travel with an entourage:

Five Little Pumpkins?

All done:

For those of you wondering why Molly went as Woody from Toy Story instead of Jessie it's simple... that's who she identifies with. Ever since we took her to see Toy Story 3 in the theater back in June she has called herself Woody. N is Buzz and every now and then I get Jessie. Hence the Halloween costumes. Molly would refer to herself as Woody and N as Buzz when playing. However, I personally think her identifying with Woody has everything to do with Bullseye. Toy Story started her obsession with horsies and it has been holding strong ever since.

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