Friday, November 26, 2010

Ear update... again...

Molly had a follow up doc appt on Monday for her ongoing ear drainage issues. There is still fluid in both ears, but it is slowly going down. This is just something we need to keep an eye on. We're to continue with the nasal spray, but can bump the twice a day routine down to every other day. Molly actually asks for nasal spray now. She knows she gets a treat. She will hold still while we do the spray, but whines, "Noohooohooo!" the entire time. It's actually pretty funny.

We also returned to swim class. Molly was all sorts of excited when she saw me packing up her bathing suit and towel. Once we arrived she practically skipped inside. Getting dressed was no problem. She was all excited about getting in the pool... until it came time to actually get in the pool. Molly walked over to the stairs and I thought all was well until she stopped just shy of them, grabbed her ears, and cried, "It hurts!". The last swim class Molly had been to (about three weeks prior) was cut short about halfway through when Molly went over to the stairs and started crying. The teacher couldn't console her and when I walked over she told me she wanted to go home. I pulled her out of class she calmed down by the time we got to the car. This was when the doc put her on antibiotics and told us to avoid swim class. The fluid in her ears was causing her pain in the pool and unfortunately those memories came rushing back.

So, that first class back consisted of me sitting a few feet away from the stairs for the duration of class. Molly sat with me for the most part, but made a few ventures over to the top of the steps into the pool. She never did go in. I was going to take her to open swim last Monday, but had a horrible head cold. Last Thursday's class I was hoping Molly would venture in. She did. It just took her half the class to warm up. Her teacher put the Disney Princesses on the top step to help lure Molly in. It worked. She was definitely interested in getting her hands on Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. Molly went to the top of the steps several times and then finally got halfway in. By halfway I don't mean her bottom half. Oh no, that would be expected. Molly laid across the top step and slowly submerged ONE SIDE of her body in. First the leg. Then her arm. Then she would dip half her torso in before pulling herself back out. She did this several times. Both sides. Very dramatic. Her teacher and I could not make eye contact with each other because we were both trying really hard to not laugh. Then about 15 minutes into her 30 minute class Molly went down the stairs and got all the way in. The teacher left her alone for a bit since we were both not sure how long this was going to last. Two minutes later Molly was sitting down on the bottom of the pool completely submerged. So, over the whole phobia. Phew! I'm just happy my little fishie is back!

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