Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ear update

Molly still has fluid in her ears, but it's draining. She was able to pass the hearing test in both ears, but the doc would like to see those numbers higher and thinks that can be achieved once the rest of the fluid drains. We're still doing nasal spray (Molly actually asks for it now because she knows she gets a treat), but we're done with antibiotics. The doc wants us back in two weeks for hopefully our final follow up.

The best news is Molly got the all clear to return to swim class. Phew! Molly literally asks me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. if she can put on her bathing suit and go swimming. So I'm really happy we can resume class again.

The doc recommended I get some swimmer's ear drops for after class (which I did). Hopefully this will be the end of ear issues for a while. Poor bug. The up side is she really hasn't been showing any signs these past few weeks so at least they aren't bugging her. Molly was just unfortunate and inherited my super duper small Eustachian tubes. Sorry love!

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