Sunday, March 27, 2011

Big breath, eyes in

Molly is taking swim lessons at AVAC and LOVES being in the water. However, the one hurdle she needs to get over is the "big breath, eyes in." Once she starts putting her face down in the water she can really start to practice on her actual swimming. Molly is definitely comfortable in the water as she has no problem floating on her back (she calls it "Relax!"), turning from her back over to her stomach, and even dunking herself completely underwater to retrieve a toy from the bottom of the pool (after making sure she can't reach it with her hands or pick it up with her feet). The one thing she doesn't seem to care for is putting her face in the water. She will do a quick tap, but is so busy bouncing and twirling around she has to constantly be asked to do so and then only does it enough to get her her nose and the teeny tiniest bit of her forehead wet. I'm pretty sure she would spend the entire class playing on the stairs or simply twirling and bouncing and be more than satisfied. Since the goal is to learn how to swim we've been trying to encourage the "Big breath, eyes in" in the bath and even in the hot tub.

However, Molly is a smart little cookie.

I got this text from N when I was at Muay Thai last week and they were in the hot tub.

"Molly, I'm not getting your bouncy balls (on bottom of hot tub), You need to do big breath eyes in..." "Okay daddy, close your eyes..." I do... Molly: "Okay..." She's going to take a deep breath and then put the eyes in... (splashes hands) "Uh, I couldn't find them... Daddy do it!"

Molly has also looked N right in the eye and said, "I did it, you missed it" when in fact she had done nothing of the sort. She has pointed to her hand, called her hand Molly, and then put her hand in the water saying it was doing big breath, eyes in.

So yeah... a work in progress.

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