Monday, March 21, 2011

Park play date

N spent some time this weekend going through the 600 or so pictures he has taken in the last few months. Here are some from a park play date we had with friends the first weekend in FEBRUARY!

We started the day out at Stacks. I would love to know what N was doing to get these reactions out of Connor and Molly:

Robert, always camera ready... just like his mama:

Molly, the Captain of this trusty ship:

Molly and Logan, playing nice:

Then I had to come along and ruin things. I was the one that dumped out the sand from the pink container Logan is so upset about. Unfortunately he thought Molly did it... hence the death rays shooting from his eyes:

Connor has some great expressions... "You talkin' to me?!?"

This one of Jon and Callum cracks me up. Baby? What baby?

Soccer time:

Connor and Callum:

For the rest of the pictures click here.

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