Sunday, March 27, 2011

Puddle jumping

Molly FINALLY embraced puddle jumping this last week. The froggy boots and rain coat were purchased last season, but up until this last week Molly had refused to wear them. Well, she refused to wear the jacket and would ONLY wear the boots INSIDE. Not sure why, but she'd freak out at the thought of wearing her froggy boots outdoors. Then this last week she spotted a puddle between our side door and our car. She was wearing her sneakers and went to jump in it. I told her she could only jump in puddles in her froggy boots.

Then a light bulb turned on.

The first adventure was a break in the rain and some jumps into the puddle at the end of our driveway. Just the froggy boots, but once she got a taste of the fun she wanted more more MORE.

The next day Molly put on the whole froggy outfit and had a blast going back to the car after swim class.

Yesterday N and I took her down to the Rose Garden in her froggy gear and she had a blast in some mud puddles. Her boots were at least halfway full of muddy water by the time we got home and her pants and socks were soaking wet. Molly went immediately into the tub. N took pics on his camera and will hopefully get those up soon. For the rest of the ones taken on my iPhone you can click here.

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