Friday, March 4, 2011

Tahoe with the Silvestris

We headed up to Tahoe on Friday, February 18th and were joined by the Silvestris. N woke up at the butt crack o' dawn with Molly and we were actually on the road by 7:30 am. We made excellent time and got to the cabin after dealing with very little traffic. The only time we really slowed down was when we were behind some snow plows on the 50 and had to wait for a safe opportunity to pass them. Then it was smooth sailing the rest of the drive. Amy and Dean arrived a few hours after us and they got there just as it started to snow. It was as if someone was having a pillow fight of epic proportions. Big, fat flakes were falling from the sky like little feathers. There was no wind so they were just coming down on us. It was amazing.

Molly had no desire to go out in the snow. She was quite content to stay inside and look at Frosty (what she calls snow) from the window. N hung out with her and I headed outside with Amy, Dean, and Leo.

The snow was actually too dry to make a snowball. Such a great problem to have. The powder was amazing! I had to dig out some steps so Sadie could get up into the side yard and do her business somewhere other than right outside the side door.

The weekend was spent playing in the snow (Molly had one tortuous 10 minute session in the white stuff so we could snap off the yearly obligatory pics), eating excellent food (Amy made some amazing meals), and playing games (got the Silvestris addicted to Guillotine and Settlers). N and I were even able to get a nice snowshoe hike in with Sadie while the Silvestris hung back at the cabin while the kiddos napped. It was a lovely weekend and was over far too quickly.

For the rest of the pics click here.

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