Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Now *that's* a number I like to see. Got more than a little nervous yesterday when Molly woke up from her nap after the doctor's visit and her temp reached 104.1. Luckily the doc was still in the office and talked me down. If she still had a temp this morning I was to take her back in, but it was back down to 99.3 a few hours later and is basically normal today. I think her temp was so high after her nap because she hadn't been drinking much (it was a major struggle with how raw her throat was), she was still in a long sleeve shirt and pants from the outing, and she tends to shove herself into a corner of her crib and tends to wake up sweaty anyway. Justifications, I know, but no mother wants to see 104 anything on a thermometer. I don't care if 105 is the danger zone, 104 is far too close for comfort!

Molly is definitely in better spirits today. Acting like normal. Wanting to play. Talkative. Has ENERGY! She is still not very hungry. We got a yogurt in her last night and another one this morning. We're trying other foods, but yogurt has really been the only thing she's receptive to. At this point eating is eating so I'll take it. She's also had about 20 ounces of milk today (had no interest in her bottle before bed last night so she downed one as soon as she got up this morning), 4-5 ounces of water, and about an ounce or so of Pedialyte. Hey, it's something. She'll take a swig here and there, but doesn't gulp it down like she does water. We've also tried popsicles, but they are more than a little confusing for her. I think she likes the cold and sticks out her tongue, but then she'll bite down and not like the cold on her teeth and push it away. It's a work in progress.

ETA - NOT a fan of the nebulizer/vapor treatment. She just about broke N's heart last night when he gave her a treatment. She struggled less this morning, but was still not having anything to do with the mask actually touching her. We finally came to an agreement where I could hold it about an inch away from her skin as long as she could suck on her finger pointing through her blanket. Unfortunately, I think the blanket absorbed a lot of the vapors, but she wasn't actively batting it away so she got at least something from it.

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Mama Bree said...

woohoo!! so glad to hear she's broken the fever. hopefully the nebulizer/vapor treatment will do a little good, even if she doesn't like breathing in it directly. :(