Tuesday, December 2, 2008

and apparently Molly's a magician...

Molly likes to take the insoles out of N's sneakers and walk around flapping them above her head. Trust me, it's freakin' adorable. Anyway, this morning as N is getting ready to head out to Starbucks for some hard work, he goes to put on his shoes and the insoles are missing. I remember Molly walking around with them this morning as I was feeding the dogs so we start looking around. Well, after three laps it's starting to get ridiculous. She's two and a half feet tall, there's only so many places she can get into. We can't find them so N puts on his Uggs and goes on his way. I keep looking. And looking. And looking.

Finally get down with a flashlight to look under the entertainment center. There's probably about an inch of clearance. I spot a few small toys, but not the insoles. I then scan over to look under the couch and A-ha! There they are! There's barely a half an inch of clearance under the couch so she really had to shove them under there. Spotted a few more items that I couldn't quite reach so N's going to have to pull that up for me later so I can clear them out.

Never underestimate the small crevices kids can shove things. Lesson learned.

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Mama Bree said...

ha!! that's a great story. I'm constantly trying to keep track of Logan's stuff and slowly learning that maybe I really can't keep up ;-)