Sunday, December 28, 2008

fever update

Last temp was 101.2 and that was taken a few hours ago. She's been sleeping since about 4 (in her crib) after a couple failed attempts at naps earlier in the day. She kept waking up about a half an hour into them very upset. She didn't eat much lunch, but she did eat something. She goes from not wanting any water to gulping it down, but at least she's getting some fluids. Talked to the nurse practitioner and at Molly's age and weight the danger zone is 105.0 (!). I am going to call the doc as soon as they open in the morning and take her in. In the meantime just going to monitor her temp, make sure she drinks plenty, keep her cool, and hope she gets lots of sleep. Poor little bug. I hope she kicks this soon!


Hayley said...

105??!! That's crazy! I hope she's feeling better today.

heather said...

Kim - Emma has had a cough/cold for a while now, I spent many a night holding her upright in the rocking chair because, like Molly, she didn't want to lie flat. We finally propped her crib up on bed risers, and it worked like a charm, I'll try and take a picture of her crib today and show you how we have it, so far so good.

Hope she feels better soon!

heather said...

We have one side of her crib propped up so she's laying at an angle... thought I'd clarify.