Sunday, December 14, 2008

the latest...

It's been a while since I've updated you on what new tricks Molly has learned. Well, now that she's walking all over the place it's a whole new world. Her pony has helped her figure out how to get her leg up and over so she has recently started using this new skill to get herself in to and out of the bath tub. She just likes to go in there and play with her bath toys for a bit and then go on about her day. Or sometimes she'll sit in there and make splashing motions while being really loud which is her oh-so-subtle way of telling you she'd like a bath please. It does not matter if she just had a bath. The girl loves water.

Molly also threw the ball to N seven times yesterday. Actually threw it to him and then mostly caught it when he tossed it back to her. So much for starting out with the rolling of the ball back n' forth on the ground.

Molly also loves her buttons. If she manages to snag one of the remotes she will press one button with one finger and then look up to see if anything happened. Little cutie has already figured out cause and effect. She will now only visit certain toys and press the button that does the most and then move on completely ignoring everything else the toy can do. She wants the money shot and nothing less.

Molly is also *very* interested in the new gate we got for the doorway leading into N's office. We've been holding off on going too crazy with the whole childproofing thing because Molly understands no and seems to get it when certain things are off limits. However, the office is one place that is always going to be dangerous for her to wander into so we decided to get a gate. Plus it keeps the cats sequestered away from whatever dogs we happen to be watching for friends. She will stop and study the latch and has tried pressing and lifting a few things. Her dexterity isn't there yet to lift up the latch and swing the gate open, but I have a feeling she's going to figure out the mechanics of the whole thing sooner rather than later.

Another love is music. Molly likes to get down with her bad self and dance dance dance. It's very amusing to see the different dances she does for different types of music. When hip hop comes on she shakes her booty. When it's gangster rap she will raise her arms up and sway them back n' forth. When heavy metal comes on she will literally bang her head. She also bops along to daddy's techno and really gets into mommy's music. The other night she whipped her head around when The Evil Powers of Rock and Roll by The Supersuckers came on. She then got completely into it (she was strapped into her booster seat having dinner at the time). All of her arms and legs were going along with her head banging up and down. It was hilarious!


Mama Bree said...

I have to agree on the dancing thing - I was witness to that just tonight!! It was hilarious how hard she can shake her booty and move!! Watch out world! ;-)

Hayley said...

Molly is such a clever clogs! Watch this girl, she's going places.