Friday, January 23, 2009

Definitely made the right decision...

Molly woke up just before 5 am covered in vomit and not at all happy about it. Got her in the tub and she screamed pretty much the entire time. This all happened a few minutes shy of the alarm clock(s) N had set so he could still catch the flight to the DR. Not the best send off for dad, but she had calmed down a bit by the time he was heading out the door.

The diarrhea has continued, but is starting to move back towards the solid end of the spectrum which is an improvement over last night's diapers. She also threw up on the floor while playing this morning. However, she did just gobble down some pasta in tomato sauce (not a fan of plain pasta) so that's something. This morning I discovered she does not like oatmeal (can't really blame her as I've never been a fan myself). For some reason cinnamon sugar on top of oatmeal was even *more* insulting than the plain stuff. She did get some french toast down, but at first she was not interested at all so I tried putting a little maple syrup on it and that just made her scream. When I came back to it and she had a few bites of the plain stuff before brushing it away. She likes her carbs plain. Well, except for pasta... that needs to be covered in tomato sauce. Only tomato sauce. She hates mac n' cheese or any type of "white" sauce. She also got down a few peas before she sent those flying. She had an entire yogurt this morning. That tends to be the go to when she's not feeling well. I'm also trying to give her wheat crackers whenever I can. It's a work in progress.

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