Thursday, January 29, 2009

tooth #6

With all the craziness of Molly not feeling well and the dogs keeping me up at night I completely missed Molly's sixth tooth breaking through. I noticed it earlier today when I was changing her. It is her second top left incisor. For a while I've been thinking her top left canine was going to make an appearance before this last incisor, but it broke through first. I honestly don't know if it broke through today or a few days ago as you can already see the entire bottom edge of it. Usually I see a corner peek through and it takes a few days for the entire bottom edge, but maybe this one came faster? Molly now has all of her top incisors and the two center incisors on the bottom. I quickly checked to see if anything else broke through, but she wasn't really cooperating. I'll try and get a better look tomorrow in the day light.

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