Thursday, January 22, 2009

update from doc appt

Molly has a stomach virus. Could last a few more days. Could be longer. Bottom line, Molly and I will not be going to the Dominican Republic.

The doc said to try and give her pasta and rice and to avoid milk/juice if possible until her diarrhea goes away. The latter won't be a problem as she's never liked juice, but the doc did say to try Pedialyte and that didn't go over so well last time. I'm going to pick up some chicken broth and see if she'll be receptive to that. She did have half a piece of whole wheat French toast this morning and had some wheat crackers. So that's good. She just hasn't been eating nearly as much as she normally does, but at least she's eating something.

Super bummed about not going though... especially since my sister was going to join us!



Jennifer said...

Poor thing! Stomach viruses are the worst because you have to "wait" it out... Hopefully she recovers quickly.

Kimmy said...

Oh No! Poor bug..and poor you guys. Next time Nathan gets sent somewhere tropical you'll go!