Monday, January 12, 2009

record breaking highs

That's the forecast for this week. I'll give all of those not in CA a moment to yell profanities at the screen.

Molly and I hit the park yesterday. It was gorgeous. She loved the swing (not surprising), but she was also all about the stairs this time. She kept wanting to climb up a pretty steep staircase that wasn't all that wide to get up on the platform. She couldn't quite get back down the stairs as they were quite steep and not that deep of a step, but as soon as I got her down she would head right back up again. She was also pretty cool with the slide this time.

Today is supposed to be even nicer than yesterday so I'm hoping to hit another park this afternoon. Molly had a blast doing laps around Best Buy on Friday so I'm thinking a park is going to be that much cooler. I'll try to take pics... as long as she doesn't attempt any daredevil stuff... so no promises.


Mama Bree said...

awesome!! the stairs are a wonderful exercise tool! Logan climbs up and down those ALL THE TIME at my parent's house :) He loves them!

have fun at the park(s) this week! I wish I could get out and do the same ;-)

heather said...

Well, I'll be able to go to the parks too, just as soon as the 10 inches of snow melts and temperature go above, oh, I dunno... 10. :P

Kimmy said...

I keep chanting "six months, tops" at myself as I stumble blindly through blowing snow and numbing temperatures :P

I'll see you guys in February so watch, it'll have a freak cold snap